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Welcome To 
PTI Stock Yard

At PTI Stock Yard, we specialize in providing functional products for Ranchers and Farmers. We also have a multitude of landscape products and equipment rentals for Do It Yourselfers and contractors. PTI Stock Yard serves

both the consumer and businesses alike.

Scroll down to meet PTI Stock Yard and see what

we can do for you or your business today! 




To create valuable solutions and experiences; making a positive impact on our PTI  Stock Yard family, our customers, our communities, and the world.

We are in the business of creating valuable solutions and experiences for our customers. 
The PTI Stock Yard family is fearless and achieves the impossible

Our PTI Stock Yard family operates collectively under our guiding values of teamwork, integrity, accountability, adaptability, service, and love. 

We operate in service of one another and our customers. 

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