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PTI Stock Yard

PTI Stock Yard

Products Designed With Blue Collar Folks In Mind


Rooted in the desire to serve the modern-day West, PTI Stock Yard found life in an effort to

connect with the past and its values.


The historic stockyards of Fort Worth brought

the Ranchers of the early West together to

conduct business, and now PTI Stock yard strives

to bring together Ranchers, Farmers, Contractors

and Backyard Enthusiasts to help shape

our modern-day West.


We have what you need at PTI Stock Yard. We carry a wide variety of agricultural products, and landscaping products, trailers, and equipment rentals. We have you covered.

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Our Story

How PTI Stock Yard Began

In the late 2000s, Calvin Sharp, the CEO of Production Technologies, Inc. found the need to help the local Ranching community by providing functional, durable and affordable products in the form of livestock shelters, fencing options and various custom products. 

Over time, those efforts grew into more and more products under the brand AgBoss and interest in the products took off when PTI moved its facility from Logan, Utah to Preston, Idaho in 2019. 

With this newfound exposure to the public, the YardBoss brand was born and added offerings of landscape products, soil, rock products and equipment rentals. Shortly, after that, it was determined that an official retail arm of PTI needed to be developed and alas, PTI Stock Yard was founded in 2021.


Trailers were added to the product lineup and now PTI Stock Yard is well on its way to helping our customers join us in our mission to shape the West. 

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