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Agriculture Products

Here at PTI Stock Yard we have worked hard to find products that fit our standards and community needs. We proudly carry the AgBoss product line, these products are built in the U.S. by our sister company and made to last.

PTI Stock Yard Fencing Series

Whether you are looking to build an arena, want to expand your corral, alleyways, runs, or need to fence in small or large areas, we have the ideal fencing solution to fit your needs!

PTI Stock Yard Livestock Shelters

The livestock shelters we carry, are built with Ranchers in mind. They have sturdy mainframes built from quality material, that will withstand the rigors of farm and ranch life, both from the weather and the animals. We carry all five of the livestock shelters that the AgBoss brand makes, they are the ideal fit for all livestock including goats, sheep, cattle, horses and even pigs.

PTI Stock Yard Feeders

These heavy-duty feeders are built to last for years and withstand both the elements and your animals. They are fabricated with round edges and rubber belting to ensure the safest product for your animals.


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