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We have a select lineup of trailers ranging from UTV trailers to car haulers. We have different sizes and options in each trailer style to fit your needs and your budget.

PTI Stock Yard Utility Trailers

These trailers have a rear ramp that drops down so they are easy to load things on, they have varying axle weights that will hold everything you need for landscaping the trailers themselves are very lightweight, making them extremely versatile for the type of vehicles that can pull them. They are perfect for a person with side-by-sides or a 4-wheelers. These trailers allow versatility with the places and terrain you can access, which means no more limits on your adventurous lifestyle.

PTI Stock Yard Car Haulers

These trailers have ramps that you can pull out and set on the back of your trailer. The ramps vary in length depending on the size of the trailer, creating a gradual incline that makes it easy to load vehicles, equipment, and various recreational vehicles. These trailers all have tandem axles, giving you a GVWR ranging from 7,000 lbs to 14,000 lbs. They are ideal for car enthusiasts and construction companies.

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